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Our Mission (yours too)

Honestly, we have the people, the resources, the talent to make the world fucking amazing. We are here to connect, empower, and collaborate on projects that get us closer to that vision of the planet.

Who doesn't want this?

Planet Rocket is not for everyone, but it is for everyone.

We see the future full of open-collaboration.

Who are we?

I am Adam, I am the creator of Planet Rocket. I am inspired by Buckminster Fuller. and his concept of Spaceship Earth. Imagine people across the planet collaboarating to create a beautiful world together.

Who are you?

You want to make the world a better place, you have the courage to take a stand, and you want to work with others to make it happen. You feel frustrated when you look at the world, but you also are optimistic about what we can create.

You want to fight to for something greater. You believe you can make an impact, but you know that all of us together can make a huge change.

You are humble, but not afraid to be loud. You want to develop yourself, while also developing the collective.

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