Hello my friend,


Let me guess, every morning you jump out of bed to go to your dream job to make a world changing contribution... Yeah, I don't either.

Passion, purpose, and contribution are the three ingredients to the a fulfilled life.

So, why is it so hard to find opportunities where these three things align?

Let's start with the idea of passion.

There is a cultural myth that we are all destined to do one thing and if we don't find it our life has been wasted.


For the 99% of us that didn't know we wanted to be a doctor at age 5, passion is a mysterious word.

We believe life is meaningless if we don't find our destined passion.

That is not how life works.

You are destined to do many things. Make countless contributions. All of them might look different, and that is okay.

Passion comes and goes like any emotion, what is more important is you have the grit to see projects to the end.

Then there is purpose.

We find purpose through setting lofty goals like starting a company, making a revolutionary product, or helping those who need it most.

These lofty goals are often ambiguous.

We go off on our new life's mission to solve that big problem and we quickly realize that we have no roadmap and no metrics for success.

After a coffee fueled afternoon of trying to pursue that dream, we find ourselves scrolling through Facebook and binge watching Netflix.


We then feel worse than before and further away than you goal than when we had started.

We no longer feel passion towards our project, feel like failures for not working hard enough, then go in a downward spiral of feeling we have not made any worthy contributions.

I have been on that circus wheel of self-criticism one too many times.

I believe everyone who has wanted to make a difference has experienced this.

It is time for a little

It is not your fault.

There has never been a tool or help someone go from idea to reality.

There are Trello boards, productivity tools, habit trackers and courses that promise these things.

However, whenever I use these tools, it has always felt like
something was missing.

I have spent the last 4 years trying to define what that thing is.

It has changed from groups, to collaboration software, and now -- I think we cracked the code.

I didn't want to see my friends and smart ambitious people like you watch their lives pass by.

I have been working to take all the pitfalls you might feel when searching for your passion, purpose, and contribution and we give a roadmap for how to get where you want to be.

Hint: It  involves taking small, but effective action.

We are not only focused on the final destination, but instead each step along the journey.

We are creating something where you can find your greatest contribution and fulfillment wherever you are in your journey -- whether you are making $10m a year or you have a dream scribbled in your notebook.

For you my friend, this is your first step. Sign-up and we will let you know when we launch.

Let's start.