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Better Planet Games

We are very excited to launch a new project called the Better Planet Games.

We are creating a way for everyday people to take small actions together to make a big difference. Watch this video to get a better idea.

We will host weekly/monthly projects related to things that help our planet.

Examples of projects can be

1. Design contests

2. Awareness building

3. Community problem solving

4. Activism through art

5. Your amazing idea

We are working to get sponsors for these challenges so we can offer rewards for participation. If you have ideas for challenges/want to sponsor one please let us know!

For the Better Planet Games we were inspired by Buckminster Fuller's World Game.

The World Game is a world simulation to create solutions to some of our world's biggest problems. He first started playing by himself in 1927. Mr. Fuller developed the concept and introduced it to the public in 1961. Almost 60 years later, the idea seems more applicable than ever.

We are developing the idea to fit the modern person's lifestyle. We believe with modern technology our collaboration opportunities will feel infinite.

We will introduce a first version that is very simple and easy to use. The cool kids call this a beta. We will work to grow the app and user base to become a tidal wave of impact on whatever subjects we work on.

Can you imagine people across the planet working with each other to do the most good for everyone?

We are going to develop our first batch of "events" and problems to be worked on. If you want to be involved, please reach out and we can collaborate to turn this into a world changing reality.

We are grateful and hopeful to create a better world with you!

Let's launch.

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