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Cat Laser Tag

Attention everyone. Cat Laser Tag. That is all.

For all of my cat lovers/haters out there, imagine taking the greatest thing to do on your birthday (laser tag), and now playing it with a cat. If that doesn't sound hilariously amazing, I don't know what is.

We are excited to launch the Cat Laser Tag Project

For this project we are going to explore to see if

1. Can we do it?

2. Is is fun for you, and your cat?

3. Will cats will be accepting of wearing any gear? (biggest hurdle no doubt)

4. Is it commercially viable?

We are looking to work with someone who can create the first prototype. An engineering "master of lasers" if you will. If you are that badass, or if you know that person, please reach out so we can turn this into a reality.

If our prototype works, we will launch it on Kickstarter, because how will this not raise one billion dollars?

Once we make it to launch, we will give an agreed upon % of money raised for whoever helps us with the product on our makeshift team (imagine Oceans 11, but for a startup).

If this works, you can only imagine the whole line of cat toys we can make in the future.

Let's create a little disruption shall we?

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