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Your Minimal Guide on Minimalism

Planet Earth (Mom), can't sustain all this fast fashion and fidget spinners. We all know first hand that a life based on accumulation is not a very satisfying one.

Let's take a second to look around your space. Does all the stuff you have bring you joy and provide you utility, or would you come to the conclusion that a lot of you stuff is kind of just, stuff?

It may be time to minimize.

Why we minimize is because when we have less of the things that don't matter, we have more room for the things that do (also because of climate change.)

There are a million and one ways to minimize. In order to give you the highest-quality information possible, I decided to try three different approaches to minimization.

Method One: Walking Around Getting Rid of Stuff

This is the classic method, walk around your house and see what it is you could get rid of.

If you want to see one of these minimization sessions in action, here is a video of me going through my house (watch it, watch it, watch it!)

If you watch the video, you will notice that this typical method is good for just getting rid of stuff, however it was not as effective in optimizing my space.

I recommend using this technique if you are a casual minimalist trying to make some more room for another pair of bongos.

Method Two: Marie Kondo's Magic of Tidying Up

I also tried Marie Kondo's method of minimization from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up led by my good friend Katherine Nunes-Siciliani.

I am an avid reader and am passionate about my book collection, Kat walked me through minimizing my book collection in a hilarity filled video.

I certainty struggled, the mix of finding what brings joy to you and what brings utility can be two separate feelings.

I love the method, I believe it is great for sorting through clothes and even making your space bring you joy, it still didn't take into account my pragmatic* mind wanting to optimize my space.

Method Three: Doing More With Less

The last method is an approach to I will share with you is an approach to minimalism inspired by Buckminster Fuller.

We have to be intentional with what we have. All we have to do is ask, "How can we do more with less?"

How can we do more with less? That is the magic question. Coming from this perspective will give you different results than "What can I get rid of?" or "What brings me joy?"

Here is a video of me trying out this method trying to move all of my stuff into a small room.

The implications of this philosophy are endless. We are not seeking scarcity, but instead abundance in simplicity.

Doing more with less has endless implications and uses. Maybe you just want to get rid of some stuff, but what we are really doing is laying the foundation for world peace because when everyone has enough, we are enough.

I believe for the best results of minimization, use all three methods.

Walking around your house from time to time getting rid of stuff is great, only keeping the things in your life that bring you joy creates a happier life, and really reflecting deeply on how to do more with less is a question that will lead us to a great path in life full of abundance and peace.

Thank you for reading, perhaps you are interested in creating an awesome world, we are too. Feel free to connect with us anytime, and let's create a better world together.

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