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Save Steve the Shark

Meet Steve, Steve is a shark.

Steve wants you to help him save all of his shark friends.

On average, 10 people are killed by sharks every year.

While 100,000,000 sharks are killed by humans.

In some cultures, eating shark fin is considered a delicacy. The practice of finning is removing the fin of the shark and then releasing them back into the ocean, after this process the shark is then unable to swim properly, and will either suffocate or sink to the bottom of the ocean and die.

For how we portray sharks in the media, it seems like humans are actually the "deadliest mammals in the sea."

There needs to be a big perspective shift in our culture about how we perceive sharks.

In actuality, sharks are docile creatures that very rarely will kill a human, you are actually more likely to die of a rogue beach umbrella than a shark attack...

We are looking for ideas for projects to change the perception of sharks to the average human.

What is a project our Planet Rocket community can work together on to help save Steve and sharks like Steve all over the world?

Do you have an idea for an app, a song, a nonprofit, anything that could be made to help change our cultures perception of sharks? If so, go to our submit a project page here and let us know your idea so we can all work to make the world better, together.

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