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The Make Bad Art Movement

You have amazing ideas for projects that you could probably talk about them all night. So why haven't you filmed that video, wrote that book, or started that podcast?

When we start peeling back the layers, the reason we don't start projects is because we don't feel ready. Often we don't feel ready because in our minds, the project has to be perfect.

It is hard to get over the hurdle of judgement and perfection. If I go to Instagram and look at #art, I am blown away by the talent.

If I held myself to those standards, I would be too afraid to try anything. Art is a way to think, not a skill level.

These people are spectacular artists who have refined their practice, but the important fact you are missing is that their first drawing was also a stick figure.

What if instead of having everything be perfect before we start a scary project, we give ourselves space to explore and create something "bad."

By allowing ourselves to fail, we allow ourselves to try.

What is bad art, and why should everyone be a bad artist? In this video with Kyle Barney, all of your questions will be answered.

"The best part about being an artist, is that anyone can be one."

This is one of my favorite videos I have ever made and here's why. Before we started filming we tried to brainstorm for hours the perfect video idea. The perfect idea never came. Instead of giving up we said "F it!" (film it) and we picked up a camera and started recording fearlessly. The Bad Art Movement was born.

When we call something bad art, we have given ourselves the freedom to try, to fail, and to not judge ourselves. The core of the Bad Art Movement is to liberate people to create without worrying about being "perfect."

When you are creating, your life will take on a completely different energy.

Being creative is one of the quickest ways to make not only your life, but the world better. Imagine 7 billion people with compassionate self-expression all making the world more interesting and joyful to live in. That is a world I want to inhabit.

Because I love you, I will be vulnerable and make the first move. I consider myself a designer, and this is the best self-portrait I can do.

Okay maybe that was done when I was a child. To be fair, if I were to try again - it wouldn't be much better.

You can top that (probably), but the purpose of the movement is not to compare yourselves to others. The purpose of the Make Bad Art Movement is to give you the permission slip you need to try the things you have always wanted to.

Let's make "Bad" Art!

To participate in the movement, create that thing you have always wanted to make, but have never found the courage. Record that video, paint that painting, write that song, give yourself permission to be create.

You don't have to post it online, the number of likes you get does not determine the quality of human you are, but if you do please use #makebadartmovement and we will (with your consent) post your amazing pieces!

Do it now, and do it bad. The only real "bad art" is the art that you never created because you were too afraid to start.

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