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The Social Media Revolution Project

Million of years of evolution and here we are. Clothed, fed, and wielding smart phones. What will homo sapiens do with these magical rectangles made of glass next, no one really knows.

The Social Media Revolution is a project Planet Rocket is launching to inspire intelligent, ambitious people like yourself to collaboratively create a social media platform with us.

We will create a continued series of videos and articles on the subject. This is the first piece, and it is a pre-battle speech for a social media revolution. Enjoy.

Today is not like any other day.

We didn't wake up today to check our notifications.

We woke up from our slumber. From our screens lullaby that has put us to sleep. We woke up to the idea of what it means to be human.

To celebrate each others joy, and feel each others sorrow.

We are not part of an algorithm or another piece of data to be sold.

We are who we are, and that is human.

Look around.

We are far from perfect, we have our faults.

If we were perfect, we wouldn't be us.

We need something that empowers us, that gives us the strength, and courage to take on the world.

We must create what we were destined to be.

We will not accept what has been given to us.

We will create something of our own for ourselves to use.

It will be open.

It will be accessible for everyone.

It will help us empower humanity to solve the worlds most pressing issues.

Let us go off on this long journey ahead

If we fail than we will fail in glory.

But, if we succeed, we will have created something that will make the history books.

That will redefine how humanity works with itself

We will create the future that we truly deserve.


Feel inspired to join the social media revolution? Say hello.

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