The True Cost of Helping

The lottery was at an all record high, I stood in an over flowing gas station line to take my chance at the almost billion dollars.

I asked the people I was standing by what they would do if they won. The dreams of mansions and helicopters filled our conversation, however, each person ended by saying they would use the money to help others.

Their eyes would light up as they described dreams of the nonprofit they would start and all of the things they would do to make a big impact in their community.

When I got to the front, I paid a couple of dollars for some tickets, and long story short, I didn't win. Neither did any of the people with dreams of riches and impact with whom I talked to.

When reflecting back on that evening, I remembered when we came into the gas station, we all walked pass a man who clearly was going through a hard time. In fact everyone walked past that man.

Here comes the predicament...

Why did we have to win the 1 in 175,000,000 odds to help someone, when if everyone in that line had came together, we could of changed that mans life.

The idea that we have to be rich to help people is a thought that has been swirling around our culture. Take for example Bill Gates. Mr. Gates is a legend in philanthropy, however his model of impact is perfect for other billionaire's, not for recent college grad's with mountains of debt. If you don't have money, it is easy to feel you can't make a difference, however that is far from the reality.

I believe we have put the value on being rich too highly and lost the price tag of what it takes to help someone today. If today you were to share your time, energy, craft, or maybe even a couple of bucks -- you could make a profound impact.

We believe that we need to be rich to make a difference, however, you already have won the lottery you have to win to help someone -- you are alive, breathing, and are fully capable to do anything you set your mind to.

The help people need is not always a big check, instead it is a connection, it is energy, your compassion, and your belief in the cause. I believe the big check is utterly necessary, however, it is not a reason to put off helping today because you want to be rich tomorrow. You are already rich in so many other things -- don't be afraid to spread that wealth today.

If everyone in that gas station had come together to help each other, we could have been that mans winning lottery ticket. So, what will you do now that you know you have already won the lottery?